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April 24-26, 2020.  The 2020 Communications Academy.

conference has been cancelled. 

May 2, 2020.  Tour de Cure Bike Ride.

 See News page for more info. 


May 30, 2020.  NEMCo Spring 2020 Drill, Saturday.  This exercise coincides with the State's "Fifth Saturday Drill.”  See Amateur Radio page for more info. 


June 6, 2020.  Pack the Park, Lake Forest Park.  See News page for more info. 


July 18, 2020.  CF Cycle for Life. 

 See News page for more info. 


Weekly Net - Amateur Radio Operators
Date:          Every Sunday
Time:          7:00 pm 
Repeater:  443.725 +5.0 MHz 
                     (Tone: 103.5)
                     All HAMs are welcome to join.    
CERT/Volunteer Monthly Meeting
Date:          Fourth Wednesday of Month
Time:          7:00 - 8:30 pm
Location:  Fire Station 51 Kenmore
Sign up for Alerts and Notifications
RACES Monthly Meeting
Date:          Second Wednesday of Month
Time:          7:00 - 9:00 pm
Location:  Fire Station 51, Kenmore
The Northshore Emergency Management Coalition is a partnership among the cities of Kenmore and Lake Forest Park (LFP), the Northshore Fire Department (NSFD) and the Northshore Utility District (NUD). NEMCo was created to provide the communities it serves with efficient emergency management resources.
NEMCo’s focus is to engage the “whole community” to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from all types of emergencies and disasters through education and volunteer coordination. NEMCo provides a number of emergency preparedness training opportunities throughout the year for those interested in volunteering or for those who just want to be better prepared at home.


November 15, 2020

There will be a Simplex Net Check-in following the regular Sunday Night Net.


Gail (KG7UBU) will be Net Control for the usual repeater check-in, followed by Kent (N7JTO) for the Simplex Net.


The OPS S1 frequency (147.560) will be used for Simplex check-ins.


Please print check-in sheets (available in member pages) and note how well you hear your neighboring stations.  Keep this information for your records to facilitate simplex message relays in the event of repeater failure.

KF7RQ has a WinLink Peer-to-Peer Station Set up for testing

until April 5, 2020


All Hams are encouraged to practice connecting, sending and receiving WinLink peer-to-peer messages.  Details are on the Amateur Radio page.


The NEMCo partners are all following the guidelines set forth by King County Public Health.  They are the lead agency for this outbreak and we will continue to implement their recommendations.  To that end, we will be cancelling or postponing many of our regular meetings. Our regularly scheduled in-person RACES meeting and the Volunteer meeting for April are cancelled.   NEMCo will continue to monitor the situation and updates will be posted here.

There are many people in our community who have been impacted by this event and likely many more will be, however, we have all survived many previous flu seasons, and other outbreaks.  Be smart, the best advice still is to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay away from ill people, practice social distancing and increase the cleaning of frequently touched areas.

The latest guidelines from King County can be found here:

March 5 Public Health News

Coronavirus updates

Announcement of Upcoming Events


Mark your calendars! As we move out of Winter and into Spring, several local events are scheduled and we could use your help to make them great.  


Check the Announcement’s sidebar links for details. Due to recent event changes please monitor this site often for updated information.



 442.000MHz, 141.3Hz tone, +5MHz offset


Everyone is encouraged to use and test the repeater.  Repeater performance and coverage information can be emailed to Carl at


The NEMCo Sunday night net will be using the 443.725MHz repeater and testing the 442.000MHz repeater over the next several weeks so program both into your radios.


The NEMCo repeater has been installed at the NUD water tank site which overlooks Kenmore adjacent to Moorlands Elementary School.  The Moorlands NUD water tank farm is about 500 feet above sea level.  The antenna is installed on an eight-foot mast on top of a 40-foot tank.  


The repeater is temporarily housed in a vehicle while we await construction of the permanent housing and final installation of the antenna.


This is a significant milestone for NEMCo as we did not have a dedicated repeater for the Coalition at its inception.  We thank Snohomish County DEM for the donation of the repeater frequency pair.  We thank the NEMCo governance board for the funds to purchase the repeater, coax and antenna.  We also are deeply thankful to the Northshore Utility District (NUD) for the site and installation of the repeater system.

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