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 2024 Events
  • June 11, 2024, All-volunteers meeting, Fire Staton 51, Kenmore
  • July 4, 2024, Kenmore Fireworks
More being planned! 

June 11, 2024 All Volunteer Meeting
By Robin McKenzie, 
Before the meeting officially began, attendees had the opportunity to explore the Snohomish DEM COOP (Continuity Of Operations) trailer.
Snohomish County, having some funds at their disposal, invested in this compact trailer. It’s equipped with batteries, solar panels, network gear, and supplies that can establish an internet hotspot to support Wi-Fi calling. Additionally, radios provides an extra layer of communication capability. The trailer also features an AC inverter that powers external lights and offers charging capabilities. For larger, intermittent loads, a generator is on hand.

The trailer’s storage capacity accommodates tables, chairs, canopies, cables, and even an electric and chain saw. This versatile unit can serve various purposes, such as supporting a remote Emergency Operations Center (EOC), acting as a remote radio repeater, extending internet into remote areas, functioning as a volunteer registration center, serving as a surveillance station, and even operating as a public hotspot.
As the meeting commenced, Pat introduced everyone to the new Utility display unit. This unit, designed for easy movement and storage, houses an electrical panel, water meter, and gas unit. The electrical panel, adorned with lights and visible damage, can be utilized during our CERT simulations.
The NEMCo team provided updates, highlighting that the next significant event is on July 4th. Volunteers who are available to support the event are encouraged to register in Volgistics. Furthermore, several events are lined up for July and August, including National Night Out, which NEMCo will be supporting. This meeting served as a testament to NEMCo’s commitment to community safety and preparedness.

June 1, 2024 Pancake Breakfast and Safety Fair

Every year, Fire Station 51 in Kenmore hosts a pancake breakfast and safety fair.  Along with a myriad of other vendors who deal with safety issues and emergency preparedness, NEMCo sets up a table to share efforts to educate and train our community.  This year we added a separate utilities station to demonstrate how to safely turn off home utilities and a drone table to talk about a new program NEMCo has instituted.  All our efforts were so well received and we enjoyed communicating with the public and our other partners in making this year's event such a success.

The event had demos on using water hoses, car extractions, obstacle courses, and a calming area, where children and adults could come and color or just relax with a comfort dog (pictured is Lily, one of three amazing dogs).

June 5, 2024 Woodinville High School (WHS) CERT Final Simulation
By Lanea Miller, Photo by Tom Peterson

Over 30 WHS students participated in a large-scale disaster simulation.  After a 6.3 earthquake, they were asked to work as teams to extinguish fires, safely rescue a person from under heavy debris using cribbing materials and techniques, and also to search a building with no power and unknown hazards in order to find survivors who needed help (which included many infants, as the high school had been hosting "bring your kids to work day" for the staff).  They also operated radios and tracked information that came into the command center from the field teams and were involved in medically assessing and caring for survivors in a medical facility. Triaging (sorting) survivors by severity of injury and need for professional care as well as constantly reassessing them for changing conditions and sometimes transporting them by flexible stretchers were some of the medical assignments. 


These exercises are intended to train community members the best practices for being safe and skilled while they are waiting for help to arrive.  Triage is an excellent everyday skill to have, as it has taught these students how to identify the speed at which someone needs professional help, should they ever find themselves in that position. Mrs K has also trained these students in CPR. Life-saving skills are in great need amongst community members.


Way to go, Falcons! Your ability to contribute to any community you live in, work in, or visit has grown in a new way!


The event was supported by staff and volunteers from Bothell Fire Department, Northshore Emergency Management Coalition (NEMCo), Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps, and Northshore School District Safety and Security and Emergency Preparedness teams.

May 11, 2024, Pack the Park

Lake Forest Park held its Pack the Park Event to support the Friday Food Pack Program. NEMCo volunteers were positioned throughout the course to provide aid to participants;  a manned  first aid station was set up at the park. We were ready to assist any injured runners or walkers but fortunately there were no minor or major injuries!

The Community Emergency Radio and Family Communication Class was held. During this class, participants learned how to set up a Family Emergency Communication Plan, where to obtain Local News and Information, how to operate FRS/GMRS handheld radios during a community emergency, and how to establish a Neighbor-to-Neighbor Network with their radios. This class is essential for developing basic community preparation skills, and no previous radio experience is required.

Prepare in a year.JPG

May 21, 2024, Family Emergency Communication Plan

To ensure your family is better prepared for the next emergency or disaster complete the easy-to-do activities in our Prepare in a Year Booklet:


June to May 18, 2024, CERT Basic Class
By Robin McKenzie, 

This was the second of four classes for 2024!  This 7 week format class provided the base knowledge needed for community emergency response; covering the areas of fire safety, basic first aid, disaster medical operations, triange, light search and rescue, utilities management and much more. Lessons were presented in an easy to understand, step-by-step process, with a follow up hands-on training. This class was introduced to a new Patient Medical Card

and the Medical Treatment Area Roster form now available on our CERT tab. We also made available the  Make-up-Class-Form (pdf fillable).

NEMCo CERT specific slides have also been made available on the CERT Tab.

Participants were invited to join their local CERT and continue to further this skill set. Anyone interested in volunteering or attending our next trainings or exercises, please remember to keep an eye on our Home page.

April 6 and 13, 2024, Amateur Radio Licensing Class and Exam
By Gail Siani with contributions and photos by Dan Singley and Lisa Oshira

NEMCo sponsored an Amateur Radio Technician class, culminating in the FCC-licensing exam. Dan Stevens of the Mike & Key Club provided instructors and the Volunteer Examiners.  20 Students took the class:  17 of them received their Technician license, 2 received their General license, and 1 their Extra license.   Congratulations to all of our new area hams!  Area hams are welcome to participate in our RACES meetings held on the fourth Wednesdays of every month, beginning at 7pm, at Kenmore Fire Station 51!

NEMCo welcomes Chase Walker, Debbie Dwyer, and Lisa Oshira to the Ham Technician ranks while Maggie Paige received her General license. 

Following the class, Robert Grinnell set up a portable HF station to provide students with an opportunity to hear contacts from around the U.S.  NEMCo is exploring HF options for our radio program and we are fortunate to have an experienced operator.

Given the success of this class, we hope to hold more of these in the future.
March 30, 2024 5th Saturday Exercise
By Robin McKenzie  

NEMCo’s commitment to fostering a resilient community through proactive training and exercises was demonstrated when the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) conducted a Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA) Drill as part of the state’s 5th Saturday Drill on March 30th. A Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA) is a critical process conducted by emergency management officials and response teams following a disaster. Its primary purpose is to swiftly evaluate the extent of damage caused by the disaster and assess its impact on affected communities.

The RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) was also activated and contacted many surrounded Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs). A HF (High Frequency) radio was successfully set-up and used to monitor  Washington State Emergency communications.

In summary, the CERT and RACES amateur radio operators actively participate in the 5th Saturday Drill to hone their emergency skills, strengthen inter-EOC coordination, and contribute to the overall resilience of Washington State during a crises.

March 16​, 2024 BBP/PPE Training  
By Robin McKenzie  Photos by Gail Siani

This was our annually required volunteer class to be NEMCo field deployable. It addressed  Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training.


We discussed basic PPE which is an umbrella term for any safety garment or accessory worn by CERT members. PPE includes: CERT green Hard Hat, Safety gloves, Medical grade nitrile exam gloves, Hi-visibility vest, N-95 mask, googles, and closed toes boots.

We reviewed how BBP are infectious microorganisms present in blood that can cause disease in humans. These pathogens include, but are not limited to, hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS. We all had an opportunity to put shaving cream on our medical gloves and practice removal. It is a lot harder then it looks to ensure no splatter. 

BBP_PPE 20240316_083921 (2).jpg
Take off Gloves20240316_100802.jpg
NEMCo Members can view slides or training material by going to the Member Log-in above, and then clicking on Training Gallery / Team Pictures..
March 12,2024 All Volunteer Meeting 

By R. McKenzie 

We had an awesome turn out to our all volunteer meeting. Mike Harden, Cheif of LFP Police talked about how much the Police Department appreciated our volunteers and what a vital role they have supportng our community. He addressed NIMS, ICS, and the Police role of safety and security after a major earthquake. 

Robert Grinnell introduced us to the amateur radio world of communication covering all the different frequesncies use, various applications and how to get our ham license. The 1Q2024 slide show overview all the activities NEMCo has supported so far this year. 

February 24, 25 and March 2, 2024
3-Day CERT Basic Class
By Robin McKenzie 

This was the first of four classes for 2024! The speed at which this class filled up is a testament to the desire of our families to get informed and involved. The class provided the base knowledge needed for community emergency response; covering the areas of fire safety, basic first aid, disaster medical operations, light search and rescue, utilities management and much more. Lessons were presented in an easy to understand, step-by-step process, with a follow up hands-on training.  After this 3-day course, participants were invited to join their local CERT and continue to further this skill set. 

Anyone interested in volunteering or attending our next trainings or exercises, please remember to keep an eye on our Home page.

CERT CLASS March 2 2024.jpg
February 17, 2024
First Aid and Medical Op's Refresher

By Robin McKenzie  Photos by Gail Siani
This class was one of our our annual mandatory trainings for NEMCo Volunteers.  A basic refresher that helped us identify the  signs of survivor life.  The class covered: calling 911, Basic First Aid and CERT medical operations. We also reviewed stop the bleed and applying a turnquest. Use of an AED and Child / Adult CPR. Reviewed whhhat should be in an emergency response first aid kit. Everyone was encourage to get First Aid certified. NEMCo members login and see our Training Gallery page for more training informaion. Everyone received a AHA Heartsaver CPR/AED student workbook.

First Aid Actions.PNG
January 24, 2024 NEMCo Participates in Woodinville High School CERT Simulation
By Robin McKenzie  Photos by Anden Walker (WHS)  

NEMCo was invited to participate as CERT evaluators of the Woodinville High School (WHS) Emergency CERT Class semester final mini disaster simulation. The event was also observed by the NEMCo's Emergency Manager, the Eastside Fire & Rescue Emergency Manager and Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, NSD Director of Safety & Security and the City of Bothell Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

WHS has a half credit elective class that teaches high school students the FEMA Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program, First aid, Active shooter Run, Hide Fight and provides an introduction to Ham/FRS radios. On simulation day, NEMCo supplied the live fire pit with fire extinguishers, the lifting and cribbing materials for student use. Three NEMCo certified CERT Instructors helped assess the students’ performance during this event and ensure safety during the activities. All the students did exceptionally well and passed their final hands on demonstration.

Two CERT classes, a total of 32 students, were given a disaster scenario and had to demonstrate their response skills in five areas:

1. Incident Command which involved overall management of four deployed student CERT teams via hand held radios.

2. The Medical operations team assessing victims in a first aid station and determining who needed immediate lifesaving medical attention.

3. The Light Search and rescue team had to search for survivors in a school class room which tables and chair overturned. Survivors were in the room and had to be found.

4. The Lifting and Cribbing team had to extricate an injured survivor from a simulated 200 lb wall collapse.  Using a metal bar, fulcrum, and blocks of wood as cribbing successfully lifted the wall and removed the survivor.

5. Live Fire response with extinguishers. The team had to successfully put out a fire using the P.A.S.S. method.

Each CERT teams had to work quickly, as they only had 10 minutes for each assigned area and then rotated to the next assignment. It was amazing to watch teens organize themselves and implement their training successfully helping save survivors in this simulated mini disaster. Well done WHS students!

Using fire extinguishers    Lifting and Cribbing
2024 WHS Emergency CERT Class Photo
January 13, 2024
Community Drone Training
NEMCo held an overview of the operational missions, and what it means if you see a drone in the air.  We are also looking for volunteers to join the drone team. If you have an interest in drones and would like to participate, information on how you can get involved will also be presented. Training is starting soon and we have several positions including: Ground Safety, Air Safety, Flight Safety, Pilots and Data Processing. There is no previous experience required.
air squirrel logo.png
NEMCo Community Drone.jpg
January 13, 2024
Emergency Operations Center Training
By Emily McKenzie, Photos By Robin McKenzie
NEMCo held an EOC  training for volunteers taught by Kenmore's Emergency Manager, Kevin Lowery. Volunteers were given information about the EOC's critical mission and duties through this class and how the EOC & NIMS  are linked.
EOC Training.jpg
The EOC is set-up to provide support and coordination functions during an emergency. People with different skill sets and backgrounds come together to help the community during an emergency.  The EOC was set-up as if a real life emergency occurred, allowing people to see what it will feel like. The class is designed to also show how different branches of an EOC should function together including the important ESF functions of RACES & CERT.  The training ended with a real-life scenario involving many elements that pushed the team to apply critical skills to support the community during an emergency.
The NEMCo team encourages you to come to our upcoming ICS training that explains a lot of terminology used by FEMA.  Check out our website and calendar for more information. We can’t wait to see you!
EOC Layout.jpg
EOC Functions.jpg
January 4, 2024
GMRS/FRS Radio Instruction
This class was an introduction on how to develop a family emergency plan and to use simple-to-use GMRS or FRS radios.  GMRS radios require the purchase of 
an FCC license but no testing requirements.
IMG_0177 (2).jpg

NEMCo periodically publishes newsletters to showcase activities, events, tips and tricks, training, and to provide a spotlight on volunteers and their contributions.

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