RACES recommends that its members install and practice using the Winlink program because it will probably be used during an emergency/disaster.  Note also that the Emergency Operations Centers will be replacing AirMail with Winlink in the coming year.

Note that auto-update of new forms is now available.  Gain some familiarity with ICS 213RR since it may be used in our drills.

Winlink Forms 1_0_87_0 March 2019 update


                Here is a summary of our latest NEMCo Winlink Exercise



Member Contributions


Interconnecting Winlink to your radio presentation. Jon K7RMZ, Fall 2020:

Interconnecting Transceivers and Computers for WinLink

Typical Hardware TNC Setup

Survey of Packet Equipment

Outreach Committee WinLink Virtual Workshop.  Doug Hilderbrand KF7RQ - with Dan Agun KF7HJ, John Cornaby KI7YQR, Kent Reade N7JTO, Jon Rumsey K7RMZ, and Randy Schaffer N7OYN.  Spring/Summer 2020, pp. 18-19


A Unique WinLink Packet Station. Jon Rumsey, K7RMZ.  Spring/Summer 2020, pp. 20-21

WinLink Peer-to-Peer Setup for the Kenwood TH-D72 Handheld Radio. Doug Hilderbrand, KF7RQ.  Summer 2019, pp. 9-11


WinLink Peer-to-Peer Setup for the Kenwood TH-D74 Handheld Radio. Doug Hilderbrand, KF7RQ.  Fall 2019, pp. 9-11


Monthly WinLink Net Check-in.  Randy Schaffer, N7OYN.  Fall 2019, p. 12

Resource materials from our Winlink exercises

How to use WinLink Forms--RevC

How to WinLink Peer to Peer--RevB

Additional resources referenced in Instructions:


S-09 Winlink Express Install and Config Overview Part 1 of 2, Scott Currie

S-04-Winlink_Global Radio E-mail Introduction_Currie