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NEMCo conducted an on-air Winlink exercise Saturday, February 26 to March 6, 2022. The exercise started and stopped at 12:00 noon. 


The goal was to give people plenty of opportunity to make as many connections as possible.  The week-long duration gives operators a chance to use Winlink on their own schedule - make connections, make mistakes, request assistance and try again.


Multiple stations were set up and running for contacts.  NEMCo members, other organizations, clubs, and the public were encouraged to participate.  You can practice any form of Winlink communication: Telnet Winlink , using gateways with Packet Winlink, Packet P2P, Vara FM gateways , Vara FM P2P,  and using a digipeater.  We encourage all to participate.


Winlink Packet P2P stations:  Frequency 145.050 MHz.

Winlink Vara FM P2P stations:  Frequency 145.030 MHz.


It is important to remember that Winlink can run unattended while you are away at work or doing something else.

User Stations:

This is a great opportunity to get used to using Winlink. Start out by downloading Winlink Express from The donation is optional.

Once you have Winlink installed, try creating a “Winlink Message.”  After posting the message to the outbox, send via “Telnet Winlink” to one of the stations on the map to practice the flow of sending a message. Send one to NE7MC and we will guarantee a response.

After that, work on connecting your radio to your computer.

Next, see if there is a participating “Packet P2P” (peer to peer) station nearby and try to send a message to them. When creating the message, be sure to Send as a “Peer-to-Peer Message” and not a “Winlink Message.”  Contact as many stations as possible. Re-connect with the Packet P2P station(s) the next day as they may have a message waiting for you to pick up.

Also, try sending a Packet P2P message via a Digipeater to make connections with other users who are farther away.  Also try sending Winlink forms.

And for even more fun, try Winlink VARA FM!

Helpful Resources:


Mapped Stations:

Keep your station up and running 24/7, as much as possible in Packet P2P mode. Respond to any messages by leaving something in your outbox for pick up later by the sender. You can also try to send a P2P message if you think their station is still up and running.  Be sure to post the message as a “Peer-to-Peer Message” if it came to you via P2P. 

Check your “Telnet Winlink” once per day and respond to those messages. When switching back to Packet P2P from Telnet Winlink, send a message to a nearby station to make sure everything is working.

When responding, you may be as brief as “Hi, thanks for contacting me” or as verbose as you like. If someone asks a question, try to answer it or forward it on to someone else who may be able to help.  Mainly, have some fun with this!

PDF version of map

(updated 2/26/2022)

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