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This page is under construction.  Members are invited to contribute!

Baofeng Radio Resources

(member contributions)

Baofeng Radio (and NE7MC 442.000 Repeater).  John Cornaby, KI7YQR.  Summer 2019, p. 8


Interactive Baofeng Radio Workshop.  Winter 2020, p. 4

FRS and GMRS Radio Resources

(member contribution)

FRS and GMRS Radio for Daily or Emergency Use. John Cornaby, KI7YQR.  Spring/Summer 2020, pp. 8-9

 Programming Your Radio

Improve your HT performance

Programming Your Radio.png
Radio Carry Bags for Day Use
and Field Deployment


Powerpoles.  Dan Agun, K7HJ, has created a handy reference card.

Print out two at a time on a 8.5" by 11" sheet. It can be used with ordinary paper but glossy photograph stock should result in more vibrant colors. The scales were created accurately and can be printed accurately with with some experimentation and a ruler (most pdf drivers can scale printout to fractions of a percent).

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