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Winter Preparedness Tips
NEMCo Partners with Police Departments to Institute Winter Weather Wellness Checks
By Kevin Lowery – NEMCo Emergency Manager

The Northshore Emergency Management Coalition (NEMCo) is excited to announce that it is partneri
ng with the Cities of Kenmore and Lake Forest Park, as well as their respective Police Departments, to institute a new Winter Weather Wellness Check program. Running from now until March 1st, this program is designed to proactively engage with community members who feel especially at-risk or otherwise in need during the cold winter months.
Modelled after the existing vacant house check program, interested persons will be able to register with the appropriate city, via the below weblinks, to receive wellness check phone calls and/or in-person visits, depending on anticipated weather conditions. For anyone without access to the internet, signup forms will be available at each City Hall. While the in-person visits will mostly be conducted by police officers, trained NEMCo volunteers will be tasked with making phone calls checking on the health and wellbeing of registered community members.

Targeted toward at-risk and vulnerable populations within our community, this program is designed to provide any registered community member assistance in the event of extreme cold weather, unexpected cold snaps,

significant power outages, or other weather-related emergencies. While this program is not intended to be a guarantee of aid from the City or Police Department, it will hopefully allow us to anticipate weather-related issues and connect community members with the appropriate resources before situations become potentially life threatening.


Anyone interested in this program is encouraged to visit the below webpage, as well as NEMCo’s website for further information on how to sign up. Additionally, we are asking that you please share this information with any family members or neighbors who you think may benefit from this program.

Amateur Radio Repeaters

During events such as snowstorms, power outages, windstorms etc., informal radio nets will pop up. It’s a great way to get situational awareness about what is happening. In some cases they are feeding reports from operators about conditions to contacts at cities. You may have the opportunity to report in what is happening in your area.

Even if you don’t have your license yet but have a ham radio you can listen in without transmitting.

The following are repeaters that are in the area that might have informal nets up when conditions start to deteriorate:

Shoreline ACS 442.825 +5 offset PL tone 103.5


Seattle ACS 146.960 -0.6 offset PL tone 103.5


Snohomish County ACS 443.725 +5 offset PL tone 103.5


Lake Wash Ham Club 145.490 -0.6 offset PL tone 103.5 and 441.075 +5 offset PL tone 103.5


Bothell AREC 147.340 +0.06 offset PL tone 100

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