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Winlink is an email system like Microsoft Outlook but adds a few steps and options. The extra options are particular to radio communications and emergency services. Unlike Outlook, Winlink is not a private, encrypted, messaging system. Winlink is used by emergency services, volunteer organizations, off-grid homes, sailors, adventurers, RVers, and many more.


In addition to connecting over the internet, you can link your computer to your radio through equipment that turns the digital signal from your computer into audio tones. Your signal can be received through special radio repeaters to be transmitted over the internet or sent directly to another radio which is setup for Winlink.


Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) can send and receive digital messages from individual operators or other EOCs.

RACES recommends that its members install and practice using the Winlink program because it will probably be used during an emergency/disaster.  Note also that the Emergency Operations Centers will be replacing AirMail with Winlink in the future.

Note that auto-update of new forms is now available.  Gain some familiarity with ICS 213RR since it may be used in our drills.

Winlink Forms 1_0_87_0 March 2019 update

Summary Reports for Previous Exercises:

2021 NEMCo Winlink Exercise.

2022 NEMCo Winlink Exercise.

2023 NEMCo Winlink Exercise


Member Contributions


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Interconnecting Transceivers and Computers for WinLink

Typical Hardware TNC Setup

Survey of Packet Equipment

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