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The Northshore Emergency Management Coalition is a partnership among the cities of Kenmore and Lake Forest Park (LFP), the Shoreline Fire District and the Northshore Utility District (NUD). NEMCo was created to provide the communities it serves with efficient emergency management resources.
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Community Classes 

Future CERT Classes will be:​​

  • 3-day Format: August 3/4 and August 10

​       Registration will open at the beginning of July.

  • 7 week Format: Thursday nights from September 12 - October 24 from 6-9pm and October 26 for simulation

  • Students will fulfill 24 hours of Community Service Hours

The Northshore Emergency Management Coalition (NEMCo) is offering its Community Emergency Radio and Family Communication Class on Tuesday, May 21 from 6pm to 9pm. This Free class is open to all Northshore and surrounding community residents.

In this class, you will learn to set up a Family Emergency Communication Plan, where to get Local News and Information, how to operate FRS/GMRS handheld radios during a community emergency and setting up a Neighbor-to-Neighbor Network with your radio. This class is essential to your basic community preparation skills and no previous radio experience is required.


Family Emergency Communication Plan

Please complete this application at to enroll in the NEMCo's Community Emergency Radio and Family Communication


Class :

Date: Tuesday May 21, 2024

Time:  6pm to 9pm

Location:  Fire Station 51 in Kenmore - 7220 NE 181st Street Kenmore, WA 98028

For more information email

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a FEMA developed program that educates community members on disaster preparedness and hazards in our region. CERT trains you in basic response skills to hazards. Training includes utility and fire safety, search and rescue, First Aid and overall Preparedness.

This class is open to adults and Teens. If multiple individuals from the same household are attending, please register each person individually to reserve a seat in the class. 

For additional information on this CERT Class, Contact:

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Upcoming Events 

These are a few of our upcoming events!

May 21, 2024, NEMCo Family Emergency Communication Plan, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm PST

May 22, 2024, 7:00pm NEMCo RACES meeting Topics: Batteries for handheld (HT) radio, programming your radio. NEMCo volunteers who have ham radio licenses are encouraged to also check into our weekly net, every Sunday night at 7:00 PM on 443.725 MHz (+5.0 offset and PL tone 103.5)

LOCATION: Shoreline Fire Station 51, Kenmore (7220 NE 181st St Kenmore, WA)

May 29, 2024, FEMA Webinar: Active Shooter Guidance
11:00 am - 12:30 pm PST  

Register Here

May 30, 2024, FEMA Webinar: You are the Help, Until Help Arrives, 8:00 am - 10:30 pm PST   

Register Here

June 1, 2024, Fire Station 51, Kenmore, Pancake Breakfast

June 11, 2024, All-volunteers meeting, Fire Staton 51, Kenmore. All are welcome to attend.

June 17 to July 17, 2024, High School Emergency CERT Class, a Washington Network for Innovative Careers (WANIC) Program. 

Topics cover disaster preparedness, fire safety, disaster medical, search and rescue, disaster psychology.

Click here: CERT Flyer

Registration Here

June 22, 2024, Community Preparedness Workshop

9:00am to noon.

Free event for all Northshore community members.

Topics: Family preparedness, fire / utility safety, A.C.T. to save a life. Registration and Location will be announced soon.

See the CALENDAR for up-coming NEMCo events

RACES MEETINGS 4th Wednesdays of Month

Please note:  We've changed the dates for the RACES meetings:  We will now meet in person at Kenmore Fire Station 51, starting at 7:00pm, on the Fourth Wednesdays of each month.  Open to any ham or ham-to-be!

Come and Volunteer with Us:​​

  • If you are interested in learning more about emergency preparedness and related activities in your community, please feel free to attend our meetings and workshops.  As detailed more in our About Us page, there are several levels of participation. 

  • If you have questions us  CONTACT US 

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HT Radio Selection Class - Coming Soon​

  • This class will help new ham (amatuer) radio operators select a ham radio 

  • More information coing.

 Check out our flyers  on our News page.

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2023 Newsletter



2024 NEMCo Poster

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Check-out Our News


NEMCo Volunteers are active and busy all year long.  See what is happening in our community!  Have a look at our new NEMCo flyers designed by one of our Teen Volunteers.

                                                    CLICK HERE


Service to our Community


Active volunteers with NEMCO will receive an e-mail about upcoming events.

New volunteers are encouraged to contact us to receive additional event information.

Volunteer Teens are welcomed and can earn community service hours.



FEMA:   FEMA periodically offers preparedness webinars.  Their website offers pre-recorded webinars.  

Periodic on-line Zoom classes.  ACT to Save a Life, sponsored by South County Fire, is a one-hour first aid class that focuses on the three skills you can use to save a life in the first few minutes of an emergency:

  • Antidote for suspected opiate overdose

  • CPR and AED for cardiac arrest

  • Tourniquet for severe bleeding control



RACES meetings will be held on the fourth Wednesday every month, beginning at 7pm, at Fire Station 51 in Kenmore.


CERT meetings will be held at Fire Station 51 in Kenmore, on the second Tuesday every month, beginning at 7pm.  

All-Volunteemeetings will be held quarterly, second Tuesday, last month of the quarter, at Fire Station 51 in Kenmore, beginning at 7pm.

For current information, please see our Meetings pages: RACES and CERT/volunteer.

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