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Be Informed
 Be Informed

 Know the facts and be empowered. Topics covered in this section include :

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Community Risks
Community Risks and Hazards

Be informed about potential hazards and risks in your community.  These include earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, river and urban flooding, landslides, winter storms, power outages and more. Firefighters and emergency managers would include the danger of forest fires.


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The best way to stay safe is to get notified about potential danger as early as possible. You can make that happen for yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbors by downloads apps to your phone. Register in those areas that you work and live. These are free Alert systems:


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FEMA App: A simple and easy-to-use tool
  • Receive fast and reliable weather alerts from the National Weather Service for up to five different locations nationwide.

  • Learn how to prepare for emergencies and useful tips to keep you and your loved ones safe before, during and after disasters.

  • Locate open shelters and disaster resource centers near you.

  • Submit photos of damage in your area.

  • Prepare your emergency kit, make a family plan, and set reminders

  • Download the FEMA App on the App Store for iPhone.

  • Download the FEMA App on Google Play for Android:

  • Learn about the FEMA App on

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Radio

You need to stay connected,  purchase an AM/FM/NOAA radio capable of receiving weather information, sign up for alert/warning notifications and download alert applications on your phone.

Hand crank radios are considered an emergency kit essential by emergency authorities. The best emergency crank radios provide NOAA weather alerts, sustainable power, and light. In an age that we a virtually helpless without cell phones and the internet, these radios can be a beacon of hope when you need it most.

Note: This is NOT an official endorsement, just for information purposes

Cell Phone, Amateur / HAM radio, Family Radios Service (FRS)

Stay connected with cell phones, Family Radios Service (FRS), General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), HAM (amateur) radios and home phones. 


We depend on our cell phone for instant voice and text contact, so make sure you have the correct equipment to keep it charged.  Think about it - if cell towers were down you may find that an old-fashioned corded phone might be your best option. It is recommended that you use text messaging during a disaster. You will have a higher probability of  contacting family or friends out of state.


HAM (amateur) radio is our final communication plan, this method uses point to point and repeater relay of messages across the city, county, state, country and the world. Anyone can become an FCC licensed amateur radio operator.

For more information, click here to access the October 17, 2018 Volunteer Emergency Worker Meeting Notes  (pdf) Look in the training section.

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