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NEMCo provides free-of-charge presentations and workshops to groups and organizations about how to prepare for an emergency or a disaster. The presentations can be 30 minutes to half a day in length depending on group needs.

During the first few hours or days following a disaster, essential services may not be available. People must be ready to act on their own. Being prepared at home is the single most important thing to help your family and the community.


This page will provide detailed information about being 2 Weeks Ready (PDF) for you and your family. Emergency responders once said three days of supplies was what you needed in case of a major earthquake or other disaster. Now, it's two weeks in the Pacific Northwest. This recommendation was revised after the June 2016 Cascadia Rising drill, which tested the Pacific Northwest's ability to not only survive but to recover from a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and resulting tsunami. The results found that residents and state emergency response teams were not ready to fully respond, which means that local communities will need to be prepared to take care of themselves for a while. This is in no way confirmed or official, but "mark your calendars" in 2022 for the next Cascadia Rising drill targeted for 2022, June 13-17


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More information about the four-step approach to preparedness can be found by clicking on the buttons below:

The Washington Emergency Management Division (EMD) created an Emergency Preparedness Guide "Disasters Happen: Are You Ready?" It is a great quick reference resource that covers all four key preparedness steps.


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