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Family Radio Service, or FRS operates on the FM mode.According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it's a private, two-way, short-distance voice and data communications service to be used for facilitating family and group activities. FRS is license free so users don't have to worry about that. This type of radio operates on 22 channels and all are shared with GMRS two-way radios. Within these frequencies, anything two watts and under is considered FRS. The most common use of FRS two-way radios is through handhelds like walkie talkies. Most likely, the walkie talkies you purchase from any sporting goods store are FRS.


General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) operates on the FM mode.According to the FCC, GMRS is a licensed radio service commonly used for short-distance two-way voice communication using handheld radios, mobile radios, and repeater systems.The FCC does require a license, but it's super easy to apply, lasts 10 years, is only $35, and covers you entire immediate family.GMRS two-way radios operate on 30 channels, 22 of which are the same as FRS. GMRS and FRS work on the same frequencies, but anything over two watts is considered GMRS. The maximum power allowed by law for GMRS two-way radios is 50 Watts.

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